Why take 10 black cumin seed oil soft gels when you can take a tsp of the oil?

Black cumin seed oil soft gels

Are you considering taking black cumin seed oil to ward off Covid?

And if so, in what form?

I was briefly tempted today to explore the business of importing black cumin seed oil soft gels.

There were two reasons for this:

Black cumin seed oil is challenging to consume

Taking this oil will challenge the strength of your resolve to look after yourself well!

It is strong and pungent to consume.

It has a lingering aftertaste when you burp or get a repeat up to several hours later.

For me, this is a comforting sign of its potency and strength.  You can blend it in with other foods and supplements.  If you look in the testimonials section, you will see how my customers have been doing this.

Soft gels were in a “how to ward off and treat Covid guide” as an essential item

A respected nutritionist whom I follow recommended black cumin seed oil in soft gel form.

The fact that he recommended black cumin seed oil at all, greatly pleased me.  I have been importing this great product for 10 years now.  And the inclusion of black cumin seed oil into his “essentials list” of supplements and foods to fight Covid pleased me greatly.

Not just from a self-interested commercial perspective mind you.  But I’m someone who believes in the profound wisdom of our ancestors who survived viral infections with much less of the medical weaponry available today.

It is the vindication of that wisdom and connection that pleased me.

The recommended dose for black cumin seed oil is 1 tsp, 3 x per day

This amounts to 15ml per day.

This is to achieve a dose rate that is claimed to have some health impacts.

Consistency and regularity of taking this is critical.

Taking more than 15ml per day is not advisable!

How long will a 250ml bottle last you…

Based on 15ml/day, a 250ml bottle will last you 16 days.

How many softgelsdo you need to take to equate to 1 tsp of oil

I viewed the webpage of a large NZ-based discount chemist chain promoting an American brand.

Here is the direct copy and paste from that website


For adults, take 1 to 2 soft gels, twice daily or as directed by a physician. Ten 500mg soft gels are equivalent to one teaspoon.

To take the recommended dose of 15ml per day, you’d need to consume 30 soft gels.  Or to take 1 bottle every 3 days.  Or to pay the RRP of $34.75/90 cap bottle = $11.60/day

That to me seems to be extraordinarily challenging.  Both financially and in terms of being able to consume 30 soft gels per day.

The discount chemist warehouse recommends a dose rate of 1-2 caps 2 x daily.  Or to be generous, slightly less than half a teaspoon daily.

That seems to me to be unlikely to shift anything.  Or more importantly to prevent anything.  Like boost your immune system against Covid infections


Comparison table for gels and raw oil

This is how it looks taking it at the recommended dose rate

ProductFormRec dosePer doseDailyLastsRRPPer day
Zenian oil250ml oil15ml /daily5ml15ml16 days$33$2.06/day
Amazing Herbs500mg 90 caps2-4 caps daily1.0ml2.18ml22 days$34.75$1.58/day

But……..if we accept a therapeutic dose is 15ml/day, then the picture looks like this

ProductFormDose for 15ml/dayPer doseDailyLastsRRPPer day
Zenian oil250ml oil15ml /daily5.0ml15ml16 days$33$2.06/day
Amazing Herbs500mg 90 caps30 caps /daily5.0ml15ml3 days$34.75$11.60/day

Here is my take on the oil vs the capsules:

  • You pay 5 x the money for caps to get the same quantity of oil
  • With the caps you are paying less daily for a small quantity that is unlikely to have any effect at that dose level
  • If you can consume 30 gel caps in a day to achieve a 15 ml/day intake, you must be heroic
  • If you consume the oil with honey as traditionally taken, then you get the added benefit of the compounding effect that the oil has when taken with the honey

Ian Haldane

I'm passionate about great cooking and food made from the best organic ingredients. I'm also passionate about improving the health status of those around me, by understanding traditional and indigenous wisdom. Energetic medicine through the Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer is based on 4,000 years worth of Acunpucncture and Ayurvedic medicine. It make perfect sense to me