Pain relief assistance without drugs or needles is available now!

Pain relief can be done directly by yourself through the purchase of a Tennant or QRS device.

Then training from me as the official Tennant educator based here in New Zealand.

Or you can attend my pain rescue centre, based here in New Plymouth where I use both the Tennant and QRS devices.

You can find out more about this centre by following this link over to my dedicated pain website here

My deep dive into pain relief and energetic medicine:

I got into this area of pain because I was unwell back in 2012.  And conventional medicine did not seem to have many good answers.

I made a large commitment back then, bought the Tennant device, travelled to Texas in America and trained under Dr Jerry Tennant at the Tennant Institute

Life and my outlook on what constituted good health changed fundamentally for the better.

As Dr Tennant says, chronic pain is simply a symptom of low body voltage.

A fuller description of what this all about can be found here.

My pain relief disclaimers:

I am not and do not claim to be a registered medical professional in terms of the NZ Health Practitioners Competency Act.

A fuller clarification of this is available on the Taranaki Pain Rescue website