For pain relief, the Tennant Biomodulator is rapid, effective, drug, and needle-free.

The Tennant Biomodulator – is a complete first aid kit in a bum bag.

My partner Meng, took a really heavy fall this morning.
She suffered a painful contusion to her knee and bruising to her wrist. She was lucky not to break her wrist.
In classic Kiwi terms, she munted (damaged) herself.

Quick action to injuries is critical.

I needed to use the Tennant biomodulator before the swelling bruising set in.  Along with the typical inflammation and pain that comes from this sort of injury.
With the Tennant Biomodulator, I did the bee sting routine on her knee.  I used  – the Tennant device at full power – a quick touch on and off – around the wound itself.
Then I “painted” it with the Tennant Transducer light beam attached to the Biomodulator for 10 minutes.
15 minutes later, she got up and biked into town!
She’s just returned and is walking freely without pain.
The next morning, she was also walking completely unrestricted and pain-free
That’s the power of PEMF  devices.

Words like “miraculous” are not uncommon

The results from using PEMF devices, seem incredible to those who have experienced them.
And words like “miraculous” are not uncommon.
Especially for those who have used them in conjunction with painful injuries like burns.
More detailed information is available here on the Tennant devices
And from Dr Tennant himself here 

Available now in New Plymouth city

The PEMF service is available in New Plymouth City, New Zealand  right now as a first-aid service
And to buy the devices from me
Contact me at 021 169 2611 if you’d like me to show you how it works.
Or if you are in need of some quick, effective, first aid.