Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer testimonial.

My name is Karen

Problem – symptoms I had

I suffer from ongoing neck and shoulder pain and stiffness.

Effects of this problem (range of motion possible, pain and discomfort, sleep, costs to fix, time taken to fix )

This caused pain when using the shoulder during sports, my neck mobility was restricted, and I had trouble sleeping. It also caused headaches.

How long had I had this problem (is it a specific occurrence or gradual onset)

This has been an ongoing problem for several years.

Treatments and remedies, I have tried so far

I have previously been to chiropractors.  I have had deep tissue massage as well.

What were the outcomes of these?

Chiropractic adjustments were a great quick fix but did not stop the underlying issue. Deep tissue massage is also great, but needs to be done regularly, and is costly.

My sessions with Ian and Meng

I had three sessions with Ian and Meng where Ian used the Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer on my neck and shoulder area.  Meng applied and worked in a colloidal seaweed remedy called “All Black and Blue,” rub to my shoulders and neck.  These sessions lasted for 20 minutes

What did they do?

Ian attached the Transducer to the Biomodulator and “painted” the affected area of my shoulder and neck with the light beam emitted from the Transducer.

I was not physically touched during this time.

Meng applied a colloidal seaweed rub to my neck and shoulder and worked the rub into this area.

Ian then carried out a balancing routine called “the bowling ball routine” to both sides of my neck and top of my spine.

How long did these sessions last?

These sessions lasted around 20 minutes.

Were the sessions comfortable, painless, stress-free?


Did I have confidence in Ian and Meng and did I feel safe and assured during the time I was there?

Absolutely, they were very relaxed and knowledgeable, and able to explain what was happening and answer any questions I had.

What were the outcomes of these sessions? (pain and discomfort, sleep, time taken to resume normal day to day activity).

I slept great after the treatment! I no longer had the familiar aching pain in my shoulder, and my neck mobility has greatly improved. It is almost like I have been reset to a ‘normal’ state.