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ASEA – 363 great nights sleep out of 365 in 2020 – fantastic!

What underpins a great sleep see min21

A great nights sleep was scarce for many in 2020 – not for me In a previous post, I said I had had 350 great night’s sleep in 2020. It was actually 363 as of December 31st 2020.  Not just a good night’s sleep.  But a great night’s sleep.  They were profoundly deep and restorative. And let us face it, 2020 was a crap year for many of us all.  Me included.  Anything that could go wrong, went wrong.  My major assumptions about how I was going to live life in my older years, evaporated in front of my very eyes. I found it a majorly destabilizing experience. Normally, this … Read More