Salmon with fermented black garlic sauce and crisp vegie salad

Sauces coconut aminos, fermented black garlic

This recipe combines fermented back garlic pouring sauce for fresh fried salmon and a crispy vegie salad with a dressing made from coconut aminos sauce. I really go for combinations of vegies in salads that have contrasting qualities.  I like the crunch/softness (avocado and green and red pepper), sweetness/sourness (coconut aminos sauce and lemon juice), salty/bitter or slighty bitter (again coconut aminos sauce and blue cheese as the salty and fresh herbs with fennel as the slightly bitter).  I also like contrasting colour variations in terms of greens/reds/yellows. All of these give a visual and a sensory lift to any meal. With that in mind, I have been exploring dishes that I can use fermented … Read More