ASEA update Billy and Violet – 4 years on

4 years ago in 2015, I wrote about Billy and Violet and their severe health conditions.  You can read their stories here. Update on Billy and Violet. In April of this year, Billys partner Lee informed me that Billy had a serious health condition involving his pancreas.  I mean really serious!  It’s a health condition where people usually attend that persons’ funeral a month or two later.  So just consider for a moment to yourself, what that health condition was. Billys second chance or was it third? Fast forward to August 2019, I asked Lee how Billy was.  I feared for the worst in asking that question.  As the answer, … Read More

Information, Hearty Farty:

ASEA – “Hallelujah brothers and sisters” vs “snide, snarky, vicious dangerous shit” – where does the truth lie?

I have a huge problem with ASEA.   Not with the product itself I hasten to add. But with its marketing. It has an almost semi-religiosity and cult like status to it that people marketing it impose on it.   There’s all the neat little catechisms that go on ad infinitum – “the greatest medical innovation of the 21st Century – increasing the body’s cellular signalling potential, heal humanity, do good, save the world and oh make yourself a millionaire on the way through.” That’s the American way right!?   ASEA know they cant go anywhere near making any kind of medical or health benefit claims for it. Or they … Read More