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Salmon with Zenian coconut aminos and black garlic dressings

Salmon with fermented black garlic sauce and crisp vegie salad

This recipe combines fermented back garlic pouring sauce for fresh fried salmon and a crispy vegie salad with a dressing made from coconut aminos sauce.
I really go for combinations of vegies in salads that have contrasting qualities.  I like the crunch/softness (avocado and green and red pepper), sweetness/sourness (coconut aminos sauce and lemon juice), salty/bitter or slighty bitter (again coconut aminos sauce and blue cheese as the salty and fresh herbs with fennel as the slightly bitter).  I also like contrasting colour variations in terms of greens/reds/yellows.
All of these give a visual and a sensory lift to any meal.
With that in mind, I have been exploring dishes that I can use fermented black garlic in.  This will be an increasingly popular product for both its raw qualities and therefore appeal to people of raw, paleo and primal dietary persuasions.  Plus those who want a food product with good immune system boosting effects.
With the Zenian Coconut aminos sauce you get a double bang all in one ingredient – sweetness and saltiness.  You also get to avoid the estrongenic effects of using soy.
New Zealand salmon is a favourite in our household. To give it a lift I made up a quick pour on sauce from yoghurt and fermented black garlic.

Ingredients for fermented black garlic sauce for salmon or fresh fish

In a rice bowl thoroughly mix:
  • 1-2 dsp of Zenian fermented back garlic paste
  • 3-4 dps of good quality unsweetened yoghurt – Cyclops is a good bet
  • 1-2 dsps of Zenian coconut aminos sauce for the saltiness and sweetness
  • Lemon juice to thin and for astringency
You may need to vary these quantities for the amount of salmon you are cooking.

Ingredients for olive oil salad dressing with coconut aminos sauce

  • 100ml say of good quality olive oil
  • 2-3 dsps of Zenian coconut aminos sauce
  • Lemon juice of 1 lemon or more depending how oil or astringent you like it
  • Ground black pepper
Combine and shake
Crispy salad
In the this recipe I have used avocado, celery, cucumber, green and red pepper, tomatoes, fennel and cubes of blue cheese.
Super yum!

Ian Haldane

I'm passionate about great cooking and food made from the best organic ingredients. I'm also passionate about improving the health status of those around me, by understanding traditional and indigenous wisdom. Energetic medicine through the Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer is based on 4,000 years worth of Acunpucncture and Ayurvedic medicine. It make perfect sense to me