Diverse uses of coconut aminos sauce

Because coconut aminos sauce is a relatively new product, cooks might like some ideas on the  diverse uses for this delightful product.

There are two key taste aspects of coconut aminos sauce – sweet and salty together. It has the added benefits of being gluten free and high in key aminos acids used for body and tissue repair.  Great for those on paleo and low carb regimes
When I first used it, I confused it with nuoc mam – Vietnamese fish sauce.  It is not as astringent and salty as nuoc mam.  It equates far more to a sweetish form of soy sauce.  Only it has much more subtlety and body to it than soy sauce.  Again without all the unpleasant thyroid killing and estrogenic effects of soy – yes us boys definitely want cut looking pecs and not man boobs right guys?

OK so man boobs and soy free aside, because coconut aminos sauce combines sweet and salty aspects you can use it in dishes that call for one or other or both.  In this instance the recipe is for an instant salad dressing:

Ingredients for coconut aminos sauce salad dressing

  • 75-100ml of good quality  olive oil
  • lemon juice from 1-2 lemons depending on size
  • 2-3 dsps Zenian coconut aminos sauce
  • ground black pepper to taste

Optional extras

  • 1-2 cloves of crushed garlic and or
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric and or
  • 1/2 tsp of Zenian fermented black garlic paste


Simply combine all the ingredients into a glass jar and shake.  The coconut aminos sauce replaces the salt and sugar/honey all in one ingredient. There you go! Made in under 5 minutes.
The optional extras of fresh garlic and turmeric or turmeric and fermented lack garlic really give this salad dressing some dietary and therapeutic oomph!