Zenstate 250 ml for prostate, breast, heart health - listen up older men and women!


Zenstate – an oil blend of black cumin, pumpkin seed oils, and olive oil – that may have benefits for prostate, breast, and heart health



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Prostate, breast, and heart health – listen up older men and women!

Zenstate for prostate and heart health demand you listen up as an older man.  You’d almost be an exception if either prostate or heart health did not have a personal impact.  Such are the numbers in a statistical sense.

It may be helpful for women struggling with breast health issues.

Zenstate for prostate, breast, and heart health is an experimental oil blend I’ve developed to improve heart and prostate health.

Zenstate for prostate and  breast is formulated from 3 oils, each with known documented health benefits:

  • Black cumin seed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Pumpkin seed oil

Special Features of Zenstate

I formulated Zenstate for prostate as a 69-year-old male showing early signs of prostate enlargement.  I won’t regale you with the less flattering details of this condition. It seemed obvious to me that I could either do something about my prostate condition or manage it.  Or alternatively, I would find that my prostate condition would do something about me.

I’ve chosen the former as an importer of black cumin seed oil for some 10 years.   The black cumin seed oil has a vast scientifically documented range of health benefits, including prostate conditions, including cancer.  You can see a review of some 6 studies for thymoquinone the active component of black cumin seed and its impact on prostate cancer here.

Beneficial Effects of Pumpkin Seed Oil

In addition, I had some anecdotal knowledge of the beneficial effects of pumpkin seed oil with a long history of use in Eastern Europe in particular for prostate conditions.

Consider these issues for the prostate as an aging man:

  • 50% of men over the age of 50 will have some form of prostate enlargement or BPH (benign prostatic enlargement)
  • 90% of men over the age of 70 will have some form of prostate enlargement or BPH

That’s an epidemic of prostate conditions in terms of its scale.

In like form, whatever affects the health of male organs and tissues, may equally apply to women.  Let me know what you think?

The literature and medical opinion on prostate conditions are confusing and confounding

I’ll list some of the confusing and confounding things that I’ve come across on my journey to better understand prostate conditions:

  • BPH and prostate cancer are not one in the same thing
  • You can have BPH and be symptomatic (difficult to start peeing, dribbling, running to the loo frequently, incomplete voiding, etc) and not have cancer
  • You can have prostate cancer and not be BPH symptomatic
  • The PSA test used to indicate abnormal prostate conditions is not a measure of cancer per se – but of
    • abnormal prostate behavior which may be enlargement,
    • cancer or
    • the fact that you just got lucky with your nearest and dearest – yes sexual activity skews PSA scores as do a number of other things

And that’s just before we get to what to do next if your PSA score comes back high. And you get referred to a urologist.

What then?

  • What’s on offer to resolve or manage – watchful waiting, biopsy, scanning?
  • Should you rely on these?
  • What are the risks of getting things right or wrong with these – false positives – straight out misses of cancer?
  • What’s the risk of collateral damage with things like biopsy – ED and incontinence for example?
  • Is your life expectancy fundamentally different from being treated vs not treated?
  • What lifestyle and dietary changes might influence prostate conditions – eating less red meat, dairy, eggs, fat –
  • What’s the consensus on these?
  • What are the linkages between heart and prostate health say for example insulin resistance that is linked to blood pressure and cancer cell growth?

OK, so these are some of the things I’m currently thinking about but don’t have good answers for.  Although I’m gradually starting to build a better picture while I wait for my urologist’s appointment.

If you are similarly interested and would like to share what I find then click here for periodic newsletters. I promise not to carpet bomb you with email.

Prostate conditions and cancer

Consider these statistics from this WebMD website:

“All men are at risk for developing prostate cancer. About 1 man in 7 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime, but only 1 man in 39 will die of this disease. About 80 percent of men who reach age 80 have prostate cancer cells in their prostate.”

I read a lot of literature around prostate conditions.  One thing stood out to me.  Beta sitosterol has been shown to modify prostate enlargement symptoms.

Then I considered which plant oils were naturally high in plant phytosterols – particularly beta sitosterol.

Saw palmetto the great prostate savior or commercial con?

Saw Palmetto is a native of Florida US and closes nearby states.  Indigenous Indians used this as a rongoa (natural medicine) to treat various urogenital health conditions.

For saw palmetto to be effective you need at least 300 mg of beta-sitosterol.  Yet most brands of saw palmetto contain far less beta-sitosterol than this.

Is Zenstate worth a try?

Test analysis shows Zenstate has a level of 75.4mg/100g of beta sitosterol.  This means you would need to consume a quantity of this oil on a daily basis if you were just relying on beta sitosterol alone to do the job for you.

However, in this case, I am not relying solely on this to have some impact on my prostate.

The Black cumin seed oil has demonstrated effects for prostate cancer 

Similarly, olive oil has both protective effects against cardiovascular  and cancer conditions  


I found an extraordinarily good summary of cancer and heart-protective effects of olive oil in this article entitled  “Hydroxytyrosol and Potential Use in Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, and AIDS.”

I believe that the oil blend I’ve developed may provide some of the answers many of us are looking for when it comes to chronic and degenerative diseases that affect so many of us.  You should be the final judge of that!


Robert Eady
Robert Eady
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This is a quality product that I will buy again. CBSO has a pungent taste that needs to be disguised (no pain, no gain). I add it to my morning smoothie. That consists of half a bunch of parsley, half a lemon (skin on) and a piece of fresh ginger plus some other fresh herbs if available and a cup of water. I blend the herbs and add the CBSO together with an equal amount of flaxseed oil at the end. This is simple high-powered nutrition that sets me up for the day. Taste is not a problem.
Pip Martin
Pip Martin
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Feels very nice to use on skin. Great smell. Sore arthritic fingers. Helped ease pain. Great service - very prompt! Would get more as I think it really helps.
Paul  Martin
Paul Martin
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I have used Zenian's black cumin seed oil for several years. It has helped considerably with improving the look and health of my sun damaged skin on my head. Lately, because the research indicates it has some amazing and multiple health properties, I have also been taking a teaspoon of the oil each morning for my digestion. While it has a strong and spicy taste its seems to have also helped settle my digestion.