Your Body’s Many Cries for Water



Dr Batmans Your Body’s Many Cries for Water – a timely reminder about water and us
Dr Batmanghelidj’s seminal work “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” was the final step in a long learning process for me on the importance of water to my body.

I was not aware just how much of a role dehydration played in chronic health conditions until a colleague introduced me to the work of Dr Batmanghelidj.

Dr Batman as we call him was an Iranian medical doctor who was imprisoned at the time of the Iranian revolution in the late 70’s.  His work completely transforms the way we can approach chronic health conditions that we now routinely treat with drugs.

Piecing together the bits of the water puzzle the hard way!

A number of things before pushed me to acknowledge the importance of water.

First kidney stones brought on in some small part by chronic dehydration caused exquisite pain.  Despite that pain I couldn’t overcome the bad habits of inadequate drinking and hydration habits of a lifetime.

Next was a trip to Texas to train in the Tennant Bio-Modulator, an energy impulse device, at the Tennant Institute .  A key part of Dr Tennant’s teachings was the need for adequate hydration to make new healthy cells in the body.  This was not just with any water, but water that had been “energised” through a unique filtering system.

Leo Symborski developed this unique filter system.  Leo had served his time on heavy industrial construction sites in the US as an industrial plumber.  Leo’s unique filtering system raises the pH of the water to between 9-10 and makes it a real pleasure to drink.

The final bit was suffering a large blood clot in my right shoulder in May of 2013.  Again chronic dehydration and associated blood pressure that runs in sync with that dehydration played a key part in this clot.

All of these combined with my understanding now of the critical role of hydration when eating higher fat and lower carb diets has changed those lifetime habits.

But don’t take just my word.  Engage with this thoroughly readable book and have your views of water changed forever.

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