Virgin Coconut Oil Philippine Range 4 litre


Virgin coconut oil – our customers say “one of the best on the New Zealand market.”

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Where produced: Philippines
How produced: Ground from coconut shell, then centrifuged to ensure good shelf life (2 years) no rancidity.
Organic Certifications: USDA/Ecocert
Other Certifications: Licensed by Philippine Food and Drug (FDA) Administration as registered food processor
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 Our customers say “one of the best virgin coconut oils on the market.”

After  7 years, this virgin coconut oil is widely recognised by consumers, food manufacturers and shops as one of the best coconut oils on the New Zealand market.  You can read testimonials here from happy customers that say exactly this.

Great value for families

This bulk 4 litre pail of coconut oil is contained within a food grade plastic liner inside the pail. It is suitable for families or groups who consume large amounts daily.

It gives the lowest cost per litre available on the New Zealand market for this grade and quality of coconut oil.

Essential for Alzheimers, ketogenic and low carb diets, weight loss, Candida

Where you are going a serious health recovery diet – such as ketogenic dietary regime – to address cancer or Alzheimers, you need good quality coconut oil in bulk.  Coconut oil is great product for those using dietary means to deal with Candida, Alzheimers, cancer and dementia, weight loss, low carb regimes to reduce inflammation lose weight, gain energy.  Or for combining with our coconut flour, creamed coconut and coconut chips to make healthy gluten free treats and snacks.

Virgin coconut oil is also great for that early morning and ongoing energy burst during the day. Or if you are doing a big sports event for getting sustained bursts of power for peak performance. Virgin coconut oil is now used by some of New Zealands top sports teams!