Virgin Coconut Oil Philippine – 1Litre


Zenian Virgin Organic Coconut Oil from Philippines – widely accepted as being one of the best coconut oils in the  New Zealand coconut oil market. Read our customer testimonials to confirm.

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Where produced: Philippines
How produced: Cold pressed, then centrifuged and bottled within 12 hours
Organic Certifications: USDA
Comment: High quality, low smell and taste from the worlds largest producer of coconut products

Short case study for this Zenian virgin coconut oil

My 78 year old mate lives just 300m up the road from me here in New Plymouth. He was a real estate salesman who had to quit his job because of early onset Alzheimers and crippling pain down his left flank which was diagnosed medically as fibromyalgia.

When he quit his job, he could not walk from one end of his living room to the other without severe pain. He was put on heavy duty painkillers including morphine, He also could not start and finish a sentence without losing track of what he set out to say.  Medical specialists were without any credible answers to my mates problems.

He reduced down his carbohydrate intake and started religiously taking 3-4 dsps of my Zenian virgin coconut oil every day.

6-12 months later, he walks to the center of town some 2 km away. He is capable of holding an intelligent conversation and no longer loses track in mid sentence of where he is.  And he is not on any medications. Bloody amazing!