Raw fermented coconut oil – Philippine 1 litre – clearance stock


This raw fermented coconut oil is produced via traditional fermentation means but with a new twist – a cascade centrifuge system.

That’s just fancy words that mean its been spun around through a number of centrifuge machines to remove as much moisture as possible.

Its taste is rounded and buttery – no sour aftertastes – remarkable!

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We are making space for some major changes in the way we handle and distribute coconut oil. Purchase this raw fermented virgin organic coconut oil at a great price!

Perfect raw fermented coconut oil from an acknowledged expert

This raw fermented coconut oil comes from a good friend who is without a doubt, one of most knowledgeable persons in the Philippines on coconut oil.  To boot he’s a really neat guy with a good sense of how to look after small farmers through his clever innovative technology and production methods.

Like me, he’s passionate about coconut products and specifically raw fermented coconut oil.

Because he has perfected the process of making good fermented coconut oil, there is very little after taste and smell that is sometimes associated with this product.

Use for competitive sports as your energy source

Increasing numbers of competitive sports people use coconut oil to power them through their events.  It gives huge energy reserves with very little bulk.  It imposes few demands on the body to easily process and absorb.

I can easily drink it in warm to hot water.  Or I can eat it with a dsp of peanut butter when I’m doing competitive sport like waka ama (outrigger canoe) or just need that afternoon pick me up or snack.

It comes with Zenian Organics’ usual bells and whistles – ie cold pressed, organic etc.