HairoZen - Hair shampoo bar for regular type hair


Zenian Organic presents, an “all in one” solid bar shampoo conditioner for normal hair, with black cumin seed oil and other organic, natural ingredients – no plastic, no waste, planet earth friendly


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Hair shampoo bar become magic for regular type hair. Saving the planet from choking with plastics is cool right?  Not only cool, but fundamental to our survival for access to clean water, preservation of our sea ecosystems, our food chains, and so much more.

Take a moment to go and check just how many plastic bottles are in your kitchen and bathroom.  Like single use supermarket bags, these are a form of environmental pox. Environmental black plague if you will.

Solid shampoo bars with black cumin seed oil, provide you with an opportunity to reduce the environmental load.  At the same time, it reduces the toxic load on your body from parabens and other chemical nasties commonly found in mainstream body care products. Black Cumin Seed is beneficial for hair growth.


Black cumin seed oil, sodium cocoyl – isethionate, coco glucoside, btms conditioner, cetearyl alcohol, MCT oil, glycerine, lactic acid, pettigrain, cedarwood & sweet orange.


Solid shampoo bar with plain brown paper recyclable wrapper

Directions for use

Apply liberally by massaging the bar into your hair.  Massage this in thoroughly.

Keep in free draining, shower rack, tote or caddy to dry after use

Robert Eady
Robert Eady
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This is a quality product that I will buy again. CBSO has a pungent taste that needs to be disguised (no pain, no gain). I add it to my morning smoothie. That consists of half a bunch of parsley, half a lemon (skin on) and a piece of fresh ginger plus some other fresh herbs if available and a cup of water. I blend the herbs and add the CBSO together with an equal amount of flaxseed oil at the end. This is simple high-powered nutrition that sets me up for the day. Taste is not a problem.
Pip Martin
Pip Martin
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Feels very nice to use on skin. Great smell. Sore arthritic fingers. Helped ease pain. Great service - very prompt! Would get more as I think it really helps.
Paul  Martin
Paul Martin
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I have used Zenian's black cumin seed oil for several years. It has helped considerably with improving the look and health of my sun damaged skin on my head. Lately, because the research indicates it has some amazing and multiple health properties, I have also been taking a teaspoon of the oil each morning for my digestion. While it has a strong and spicy taste its seems to have also helped settle my digestion.