Fermented black garlic – 2 bulb pack


Fermented black garlic is a versatile, highly therapeutic product – put straight into salads and salad dressings, smoothies, make a 5 minute dressing to drizzle over fresh fish – super yum!

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How fermented black garlic is produced: Fermented black garlic is created by maintaining fresh garlic cloves in a temperature (65-80’C) and humidity (70-80%) controlled room for 30-40 days without any further treatments or additives.  Fresh garlic changes from white to brown and eventually to black one month later.

What fermented black garlic contains – it’s like white garlic on turbo

It contains amino acids (cysteine), proteins, ajoene, polyphenols and other effective elements to improve overall health. Specifically the active ingredient of white garlic is the compound S-allylcysteine.  This is a natural component of fresh garlic and a derivative of the amino acid cysteine,  S-allylcysteine is found in 5 times the concentration in black garlic.  It has been said to have twice the anti-oxidant power of ordinary garlic.  It’s like white garlic on turbo boost.

Its taste and smell

Soft and chewy it’s rather like licorice or fig in texture. Black garlic has a fruity neutral taste reminiscent of molasses with hints of balsamic vinegar and tamarind.
Gone are bitter pungent tastes and overtones of straight white garlic.  Gone too are the follow on effects for stinky breath and smelly sweat.  Great stuff!

Claimed effects

Japanese research shows that black garlic has shown good effects and may assist in:

  • lowering blood pressure,
  • control of blood lipid, blood sugar and cholesterol
  • resisting thrombotic conditions (blood clot forming)
  • management of cancer and aging, (refer study on mice and effect on cancer cells)
  • enhancing immunity especially in vulnerable people
  • improving constipation and insomnia
  • superior antioxidant levels greatly reduces free radicals

Dose rate

3-4  cloves per day is considered to be a therapeutic dose rate for health maintenance.

Pack sizes

  • 2 and 4 bulb packs
  • 100gm peeled pottle
  • 180gm paste pottle

Food safety – shelf life country of origin China

This product was originally certified organic.  The producer did not renew this at the end of 2011. Shelf life is 24 months or as indicated on the pack. We asked Asure Quality New Zealand to test for chromium, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead and cobalt.  All were well within food safety requirements. We are therefore confident in the integrity of this product.