Creamed coconut 20 litre polypail


This seductive productive is suitable for food manufacturing or divying up and sharing with a group of friends

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Where produced: Sri Lanka
How produced: This is ground up full fat coconut meat, and dehydrated to 1.6% moisture content.
Organic Certifications: Ecocert
Other Certifications: ISO 9000, 9200, HACCP (food safety), Fair Trade
CommentAdd 2-3 good dsps of creamed coconut to a cup of hot water to rehydrate back to coconut cream.  Make healthy seductive dishes from this culinary wonder from Asia – wicked white chocolate – luscious date truffles – sizzling curries – fabulous fish dishes. A real treat for low carbers, GAPS’ diet, gluten intolerant people.  You’ll be challenged to put the top back on the jar once opened.

Important mixing instructions for creamed coconut

The creamed coconut will have separated out into 2 layers when you receive it. A top layer of coconut oil and a bottom layer of coconut solids. These need to recombined before use. The contents should be remixed using an industrial-sized food processor.