Creamed coconut 18kg polypail – keto / cosmetic maker favourite


Creamed Coconut aka coconut butter is the King Kong of the Keto world!!  Or is it Zena Warrior Woman of the Keto world?  Kong or Zena depending on your gender bias, is the secret ingredient to those doing hard out keto, vegetarian and vegan foods.

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Where produced: Sri Lanka or the Philippines
How produced: This is ground-up full fat coconut meat,  dehydrated back to 1.6% moisture content.
Organic Certifications: Ecocert
Other Certifications: ISO 9000, 9200, HACCP (food safety), Fair Trade
Comment  Choose a foundation stone of those doing the increasingly popular keto diet.

Put this certified organic creamed coconut into your high-class exfoliants and scrubs.

Get your share of good healthy fats and ground-up coconut meat to provide fiber and satisfaction.  This enables you to keep going throughout the day without energy dips and hollows.

Upmarket food makers and cosmetic manufacturers love this product.  In fact, one vegan cake and dessert maker calls it her “secret weapon”

Rehydrate creamed coconut back to coconut cream with additional hot water.  This wil allow you make healthy seductive dishes from this culinary wonder from Asia – wicked white chocolate – luscious date truffles – sizzling curries – fabulous fish dishes.

For low carbers, keto crazies, GAPS’ diet, gluten intolerant people, creamed coconut is a real treat.  You’ll be challenged to put the top back on the jar once opened.

Important mixing instructions for creamed coconut

When you receive your creamed coconut it will be in two layers. The top layer is coconut oil.  The bottom layer is coconut solids. Recombine these before use. Use a good strong food p[rocessor to remix the contents.