Coconut nectar – a low GI natural sweetener 250ml


Coconut nectar – a low GI natural sweetener for ice cream, fruit, deserts, salad dressings, no cook baking, for those on paleo, low carb and low sugar diets

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Coconut nectar is naturally evaporated low GI sweeetener made from the flower of the coconut tree.


100% sap from the flower of the coconut tree

Key features and benefits

  • Low Glycemic index rating 35 (honey 55-70)
  • Great natural sweetener for diabetics, people on restricted diets
  • Reduces cravings and spikes in blood sugar
  • Rich in 17 key amino acids
  • Rich in glutamine and many assist in recovery from serious illness
  • Amino acids may assist proteins used in the growth, repair and maintenance of body tissue.

Coconut nectar is a beneficial sweetener by virtue of its aminos acids and glutamine content.  Glutamine is a key building block for protein metabolism, boosting the immune system.

Go here for a useful overview article on Glutamine including how it is used to assist people post chemotherapy and for HIV/AIDs patients.

Glutamine is also popular amongst body builders for training.

As with anything, taking your glutamine in the context of a whole food, rather than as a supplement is preferable.  Coocnut nectar with its balance of minerals, aminos acids and small amount of fructose would seem to be a perfect food in this context.