Coconut flour 1kg – a high fiber way to a healthy gut


Coconut flour – give your insides the ultimate broom out with this 40% dietary fiber product – great for intestinal health

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Coconut flour is a gluten free source of carbohydrate, high dietary fiber, protein and fat.
Coconut flour will allow you to:

  • Loose weight by improving the feeling of fullness for longer
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels by slowing the release of glucose – controlling insulin response and hence:
  • Help control conditions such as diabetes
  • Have a low carb diet and lessen insulin resistance
  • Literally broom out your digestive system
  • Assist detoxify your body

At an amazing 38% dietary fibre coconut flour will:

  • Promote heart and colon health
  • Support your immune system by helping normalise bacteria flora
  • Facilitate better digestion and promote digestive comfort
  • Promote absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Improve cholesterol ratios

Organic Certification: Ecocert
Processsing method: Fresh Dry Milled

Coconut flour, my experience.

Coconut flour as a gluten free, low carbohydrate ingredient was a great discovery for me personally around 2007 having been “saturated” in the so called benefits of wheat products.

It does require you to rethink your cooking model however,  Because it has no binding property from gluten, you do need lots of eggs to get baking mixes to hold the mixes together.   For example a typical chocolate cake can take 10-12 eggs.  The result of this is a hugely nutrient dense product – i.e. you don’t have to eat a lot to feel completely full.

Nor do you have to use a lot of coconut flour.  You would use around 60-70% of normal flour.

I am now using coconut flour in breakfast foods combined with our coconut chips, in snack foods with creamed coconut and coconut oil and in sauces and soups to give a bit more body to these.

For baking, when combined with coconut oil and or butter for the fat content, the results are sensational – warm, comforting, filling baked goods that will hold you “up” for hours.