Coconut chips roasted and slightly sweetened 200gm


Coconut chips – the perfect versatile food for your hungry tribe, school lunches and after school, mid afternoon pick me ups, car trips, breakfasts, TV snacks, desert and ice cream toppings – gluten and allergy free

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Coconut chips description:

Coconut chips are roasted from the mature meat of the coconut and very lightly sweetened with muscovado sugar

How produced

Coconut chips are produced from the meat of the mature coconut, flaked then lightly roasted

How to use

  • Enjoy roasted coconut chips as a snack, kids lunches, travelling, day time pick me ups
  • Combine with nuts and dried fruits to overcome “hunger gaps”
  • Goes great with your favourite ice cream or excellent as cake toppings as well
  • Gluten free cooking for snack bars in place of wheat, cakes, biscuits when mixed with coconut flour and eggs
  • Make delectable breakfasts and combine with other coconut products, coconut flour, creamed coconut, coconut nectar, yoghurt, cream, egg yolks with fresh fruit

Foanyth that requires a nice “crunchy in the mouth” sensation

Packaging Size:

200gm 500gm and 1kg zip lock bags and 11.3kg foil sealed bags


Certified organic coconut and muscovado sugar 17% (unrefined dark brown sugar)

Shelf life

Two years or as indicated

Storage instructions

Store in dark cool cupboard in an airtight container


Organic – Ecocert and USDA, Fair Trade certified, Halal, Kosher, HACCP food safety


  • Excellent source of fibre esp when combined with coconut flour
  • Readymade ingredient with others for snacks, baking ice cream
  • Nut and gluten free snack for an increasingly allergic population
  • Great residual properties of coconut – fats and oils