Black cumin seed oil chocolate 80 gram


Black cumin seed oil chocolate made by Gavin Giles from 65% dark cacao, strong black cumin seed oil with 4% thymoquinone, and coconut sugar from is a taste sensation.


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Black cumin seed oil chocolate from Gavin Giles, a New Plymouth chocolatier, is a taste sensation!

Gavin has used Zenian strong black cumin seed oil and Zenian coconut sugar to craft a chocolate like you’ve never tasted before.

Gavin is a fully qualified pastry chef and chocolatier in the traditional craftsman chef mould.

When he called to order Zenian coconut sugar from me, I suggested that he have a crack at incorporating Zenian strong black cumin seed oil into his chocolate.

The strong black cumin seed oil gives this chocolate a hint of tang and subtle tastes of Asia and North Africa.  Strong black cumin seed oil alone is a challenging proposition to swallow and best done with a chaser of honey.

Here,the complex flavours of fully processed cacao beans softens the peppery, pungent tastes of the black cumin seed oil.


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Robert Eady
Robert Eady
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This is a quality product that I will buy again. CBSO has a pungent taste that needs to be disguised (no pain, no gain). I add it to my morning smoothie. That consists of half a bunch of parsley, half a lemon (skin on) and a piece of fresh ginger plus some other fresh herbs if available and a cup of water. I blend the herbs and add the CBSO together with an equal amount of flaxseed oil at the end. This is simple high-powered nutrition that sets me up for the day. Taste is not a problem.
Pip Martin
Pip Martin
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Feels very nice to use on skin. Great smell. Sore arthritic fingers. Helped ease pain. Great service - very prompt! Would get more as I think it really helps.
Paul  Martin
Paul Martin
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I have used Zenian's black cumin seed oil for several years. It has helped considerably with improving the look and health of my sun damaged skin on my head. Lately, because the research indicates it has some amazing and multiple health properties, I have also been taking a teaspoon of the oil each morning for my digestion. While it has a strong and spicy taste its seems to have also helped settle my digestion.