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Moringa and chia seed crackers with coconut nectar

Moringa and ground chia seed crackers

Food experimentation day today to make small crackers with ground chia seed and moringa, aided and abetted of course with coconut milk and some small helping of Zenian coconut nectar

Moringa is another miracle tree like the coconut – so called because of all the dietary and therapeutic benefits that come from consuming it. It’s particularly high in A,B and C group vitamins. As importantly if not more so, is that it is really high in minerals. It has for example three times the potassium of bananas – I know the graphic says fifteen times but I am being really conservative, basing this on other writings. Its also incredibly high in calcium and magnesium all of which are fundamental to the healthy functioning of the body.

Chia of course is also a very “sexy’ food in terms of its high energy giving properties.

With that in mind, i wanted to see if i could make a raw food cracker using <45’C oven to set the chia and moringa and keep the essential qualities of the moringa powder. I used powdered moringa supplied from a Philippines womens’ employment project down in Batangas. I’d met this group on my last trip over to the Philippines in March 2014 to review coconut suppliers. A happy chance meeting with Nina, the groups founder and instigator led to discussion on cooperation over a number of food related products, coconut, moringa and soaps. Here I was then today taking the first tiny step in working through how to use the moringa supplied from the womans employment project in a food product.

I mixed moringa powder and ground chia in a 40-60 (around 1/3 cup each) mixture. Then I added 5-6 dsps of coconut milk and 2 tsps of Zenian coconut nectar. All the ingredients bound together really well without stickiness or mess and was easy to roll out onto baking paper/baking tray.

All of this was placed into a fan bake oven running at 45’C. 6 hours later, the mix had dehydrated sufficiently to remove. They had a firm consistency – not overly crunchy tjhough.

Taste and sensory wise, the moringa crackers were pleasant – the coconut nectar giving them a molassasey type flavour. I’m going to try again tomorrow and this time use carrot pulp left over from juicing

Ian Haldane

I'm passionate about great cooking and food made from the best organic ingredients. I'm also passionate about improving the health status of those around me, by understanding traditional and indigenous wisdom. Energetic medicine through the Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer is based on 4,000 years worth of Acunpucncture and Ayurvedic medicine. It make perfect sense to me