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How coconut oil helps you lose weight

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Weight loss and eating coconut oil sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it?  It will certainly go right against what most of us have been constantly told since the 80’s.

The fact is that coconut oil can have a major slimming effect.  Here are 7 ways in which coconut oil helps you lose weight

1) Coconut oil makes you feel fuller for longer

When I rehydrate from overnight with a good half litre cup of warm water, I put in a desert spoon of coconut oil.  My kidneys get the kick start from their state of slumber with the warm water.  And the coconut oil kick starts my liver, breaking it down in readily usable ketones, a form of energy the body can use instantly.  This can “hold me up” for two or three hours or even more without feeling hungry.

More importantly, I am not on the look out for foods that send my blood sugar on the roller coaster that I was once on when I had a diet with plenty of grains and sugars.

Sugars and starchy carbs have the effect of sending blood sugar on a path of crazy up and downs – these being part of a vicious addictive cycle that torpedoes most of our attempts to lose weight.

Coconut oil added to drinks and meals fixes these cravings for sweet foods making you feel fuller for longer making it easier for you to achieve your weight loss goals

2) Coconut oil does not get put on as body fat

Coconut oil is directly absorbed through the portal vein in the stomach and into the liver.  From here it can be easily used as an energy source

This is unlike sugars and carbohydrates.  These spike the insulin response – the key body substance that is responsible for breaking these down and then transporting them around the body in broken down form.  When the bodies cells groan from too much glucose being thrown at them, they become what is called insulin resistant.  Insulin then trucks surplus glucose back around the body to the liver where it is converted to fat and then stored in various parts of the body – our middles mostly!

Coconut oil has none of this effect and therefore features as a factor in weight loss

3) Coconut oil gives you an instant energy hit

I know that when I consume coconut oil especially first thing in the morning, I get an instant “energy hit.”  I can feel a mild sweat break out in the area of my sternum and between my shoulder blades on my back.

That is generally enough of a signal to get busy and get out on a long walk, or to do some body weight exercises in a local park, or hop on a waka (outrigger canoe) and paddle hard for a good bit.

4) Long lasting increases in metabolism

With this mild sweat that signals “get busy,” its a “get busy” that can last for a long time.  This is not a short term wonder.  Over the space of a day, studies show that metabolism can be raised for up to 24 hours.

As your metabolism increases you lose weight – simple as that.

5) Coconut oil boosts your thyroid function

Thyroid is the master gland for controlling your metabolism.  Sluggish or underactive thyroids are according to some writers, epidemic in Western societies.  A key effect of sluggish thyroids is weight gain.  Hence weight gain and the problem of losing that weight are key afflictions of most developed Western societies.  Hard out dieting and exercise will seldom shift a kilo of weight when your thyroid is  sluggish.

Coconut oil can serve to boost thyroid function and hence contribute to weight loss

6) Activate Fat Burning Enzymes

When you don’t eat enough fat and engage in this low fat nonsense, the body doesn’t wait for you to decide to change your dietary habits – it does it for you.  As eating enough fat is essential for the survival of your body, your body simply cuts you out of the equation and makes that fat making decision for you,  In fact you encourage your body to compensate for lack of fat intake by stimulating its own fat making enzymes (lipoprotein lipase)

Diets with good levels of fat intake including coconut oil, silence these these fat making enzymes and control this involuntary fat accumulation process.

7) Your body resists your attempts to lose weight by downshifting it metabolism

If there is any chance that your body senses that its not going to get what it wants through your dieting attempts, it uncannily down shifts your metabolism into a lower gear to anticipate this.  hence the more your try, the lower the gear the metabolism shifts into.

Finally when you can no longer tolerate the grumpiness, hunger pangs and tiredness that comes with this, you catapult back out the other aside into full blown eating mode to compensate for this self enforced starvation.

Now instead of weight loss, you have weight gain from engaging in something you can’t sustain.  Adding coconut oil into your dietary weight loss programme overcomes this by silencing these fat making enzymes.

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Coconut oil is a key part of a healthy weight loss programme providing that other factors are also adjusted for in terms of reducing your intake of starchy processed carbohydrate rich, foods and raising your water intake.