Problem – fixing herpes quickly – Tennant biomodulator and transducer

Jodie turned up at waka ama (outrigger canoe) club day one Saturday deeply distressed.

She looked as though she had gone the full 12 rounds in a mixed martial arts fight.  And come off second best.


Jodie was part of a 6-man waka ama team scheduled to paddle in the Matariki (Maori New Year) event down in Wellington.  The team was preparing to race in a weeks’ time.  She had trained hard with the team.  She was disappointed at the prospect of letting the team down by being unwell.

Herpes is an uncomfortable viral infection.  The herpes virus is pervasive.  Some 60 % of the population of the world under 50 have a form of it

It is also notoriously difficult to treat.

Outbreaks of it can be related to stress.  Or where our body’s immune system is at a low point for whatever reason.

Sometimes simple exposure to strong sunlight is enough to trigger an outbreak.

The horrible tingling sensation around the mouth is often the first sign of an imminent onset of this infection

 Analysis and sessions

I saw Jodie immediately after the morning club paddle

I treated Jodie with the Tennant biomodulator, transducer, and gels.

We used the Tennant biomodulator and transducer in conjunction with a mixture of aloe vera and humic and fulvic acid (aka as “the Gift”)


I used the Tennant biomodulator and transducer in Ten 8 mode for 3 consecutive days.

Going going…….!

The Tennant biomodulator is a pulsed electromagnetic device (PEMF) that emits electromagnetic waves that align to the body’s own voltage and frequencies – electromagnetic energy.

Coupled to a Tennant transducer, it emits electromagnetic waves via a light beam – scalar energy.

The transducer makes it possible to heal health conditions where the actual touch of the person is not possible (burns, skin and eye conditions, broken bones, arthritis).

Now gone by race day!

Time taken to resolve

3-4 days

A happy Jodie pictured right on Matariki race day in Wellington, June 2019.

IMG-2236 Matariki hoe June 2019