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Black garlic bulbs - peeled and whole

Fermented Black Garlic

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Garlic has been used world-wide as a traditional medicine for over 4000 years to treat several disorders such as arthritis, diabetes and infectious diseases (common cold, malaria, and tuberculosis) (Bratman 2000; Espirito Santo et al. 2007).

Further, the microbiologist Louis Pasteur demonstrated the bactericidal properties of garlic; later it was called “Russian penicillin” in the Second World War II. Because, after running out of antibiotics, the Russian government turned to this ancient treatment for its soldiers.

Recently, a new type of garlic, black garlic, was developed in Japan by processing (aging) ordinary fresh garlic in a temperature- and humidity-controlled room. It is process without using any artificial additives. The final products developed in this manner were black in color with less or non-stimulating smell. It have fruit-like sweetness, and are readily edible just by peeling.

Fregmented black garlic helpful for treatment of various health issue. Its batriocidal properties of garlic make it unique to treat infectious diseases. In addition, it is use in cooking ingredients which give flavour to your food I will make your cooking more healthy and tasty. This will improve your immunity to fight with infectious diseases and specially for diabeties.

Download the Japanese & Chinese research on black garlic full pdf