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Human brain research and memory loss as symbol of alzheimer's concept with missing pieces of the puzzle

Conquering Alzheimer’s with Coconut Ketones – short version

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  • Age is no barrier to getting Alzheimers and dementia (related neuro-degenerative conditions)
  • Doctors haven’t much of a clue about what causes it or how to treat it
  • Brain cells starve cos they can’t metabolise their key food , glucose
  • Cells start to die off – you get forgetful etc

What causes it?

  • Inability to metabolise glucose as key brain energy source

What can be done to by-pass this?

  • In absence of glucose, ketones manufactured in the liver can replace it
  • But ketones only produced when carb consumption is low and hence
    • Need to get all calories and nutrients required from fat
    • Replace carbs with fat* (say from 60% of intake to 2%)

Where can we get ketones?

  • From Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) and in turn
  • From coconut oil as a complete and ready source of MCT’s

What’s a therapeutic dose of coconut oil?

  • 3-4 dsps per day which can be
    • Drunk with warm water or
    • Made up with the likes of cocoa drinks
    • Used in baking with low carb, no starch Zenian coconut flour
    • In cooking veggies, stir frys
    • Eaten in combo with the likes of nuts*, peanut butter

Anything else?

  • We’ll have some major updates shortly also on the role of hypothyroidism type 2 in neurodegenerative health conditions
  • Coconut oil as a booster of metabolism through the thyroid and modifier of inflammation is key in this too

* Those hung up still on the whole saturated fat issue should go here to view the real science

** Providing those nuts have been soaked for 24 hours previously and dehydrated to remove phytic acid

(Note abridged Bruce Fife article with some additions by Ian Haldane on therapeutic doses of coconut oil and how to use coconut oil, references to hypothyroidism – plus reference to relevant Weston A Price material)

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