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A plate of southen-style spicy fried chicken

Coconut oil n’ chicken – Alternative to KFC

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KFC Chicken

Coconut oil n chicken as an alternative to KFC is a great quick easy way to please the troops.
And then there is the added advantage of not using dodgy liquidy type polyunsaturated vegetable oils in your cooking.

Wiki lists the oils used to fry chicken in KFC as canola, sunflower, soy or palm and that KFC had changed over from using partially hydrogenated vegetable oils – the ones of trans ill repute.  Just briefly then to add the “using the healthy fat plug” and not liquidy vegetable oils. such as canola and sunflower.

Sally Fallon and Mary Enig from the Weston A Price Foundation beautifully unpick the history and dangers of using canola oil in their 2002 article The great Con – ola Similarly an Aussie lawyer turned food activist, David Gillespie has written an entire book Big Fat Lies around the dangers of eating polyunsaturated oils.
With that in mind, I set about trying to provide a better alternative for my sprouting 11 year old to what the local KFC could provide over the road.


Ground black pepper
Nuoc nam (Vietnamese fish sauce)
Tapioca flour for dusting (may be left out of you are entirely starch free)
Chicken pieces or legs
Coconut oil to shallow fry


Pat dry the chicken pieces with paper towel
Drench the chicken pieces in Nuoc nam.
Lightly dust the chicken pieces with Tapioca flour and Ground black pepper.  You will need to turn t the pieces around to ensure the liquid from the Nuo nam and the tapioca flour get the pepper to cling and stick to the chicken
Heat the coconut oil in pot or frying pan til its just short of smoking. Shallow fry in say 20mm of oil.
The result is a crunchy skinned midly peppery piece of succulent chicken alternative of KFC.   The coconut oil really gives the chicken a luscious buttery aspect.
Cheaper, healthier and quicker for the whanau than KFC!