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ASEA – 363 great nights sleep out of 365 in 2020 – fantastic!

What underpins a great sleep see min21

A great nights sleep was scarce for many in 2020 – not for me In a previous post, I said I had had 350 great night’s sleep in 2020. It was actually 363 as of December 31st 2020.  Not just a good night’s sleep.  But a great night’s sleep.  They were profoundly deep and restorative. And let us face it, 2020 was a crap year for many of us all.  Me included.  Anything that could go wrong, went wrong.  My major assumptions about how I was going to live life in my older years, evaporated in front of my very eyes. I found it a majorly destabilizing experience. Normally, this … Read More

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Tennant biomodulator – rapid pain relief

Make pain go away!

The Tennant Biomodulator for rapid pain relief has unequalled power For pain relief, the Tennant Biomodulator is rapid, effective, drug, and needle-free. The Tennant Biomodulator – is a complete first aid kit in a bum bag. I provide examples here of people who have used this technology right here in New Zealand.  You can go here to read the stories of these people who have successfully used Tennant technology to work on their health conditions.


12 Incredible benefits of black cumin seed oil

Bkack cumin seed oil

12 Incredible benefits of black cumin seed oil by John Staughton (BASc, BFA) last updated – January 28, 2020 Black cumin seed oil helps soothe skin irritation. Photo Credit: Shutterstock The benefits of black cumin seed oil are incredibly diverse, including reducing inflammation, boosting skin health, and lowering blood sugar. It also aids in weight loss, strengthening the immune system, lowering allergic reactions, optimizing the respiratory system, and preventing hair loss, among others. What is black cumin seed oil? Black cumin seed oil is derived from the Nigella sativa [1] plant and is also commonly known as black oil or black coriander oil. As a member of the buttercup family, this plant produces small black seeds that can be pressed … Read More


Can black cumin seed oil ward off a heart attack?

Can black cumin seed oil ward off a heart attack? This is about how I used black cumin seed oil recently, to ward off a particularly nasty bout of angina – the pain you get when the heart muscle suffers from lactic acid overload. Just before it goes “abra abra kadadra, just wanna reach out n grab ya.”  though not in the Steve Miller band loving friendly way. This incredibly interesting article linked here on what is called the myogenic theory (stress kills you) of heart attacks, sets some of this out.   Push this angina pain sensation too far, then enjoy or not, the thrills and spills of a heart … Read More


Black cumin seed oil may assist against Covid 19

Health and immune system booster

Black cumin seed oil my assist against Covid 19? We know that black cumin seed oil is significant to regenerate immune systems impaired from things like cancer treatment. Now scientists are now focusing on whether the thymoquinone content of black cumin seed oil, might be useful in the battle against Covid 19. Here at this link, you can read some of that argument. Share your thoughts on black cumin seed oil, with me at my Zenian Facebook page. We need better answers to Covid 19 than what is available now.


ASEA update Billy and Violet – 4 years on

4 years ago in 2015, I wrote about Billy and Violet and their severe health conditions.  You can read their stories here. Update on Billy and Violet. In April of this year, Billys partner Lee informed me that Billy had a serious health condition involving his pancreas.  I mean really serious!  It’s a health condition where people usually attend that persons’ funeral a month or two later.  So just consider for a moment to yourself, what that health condition was. Billys second chance or was it third? Fast forward to August 2019, I asked Lee how Billy was.  I feared for the worst in asking that question.  As the answer, … Read More

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ASEA – “Hallelujah brothers and sisters” vs “snide, snarky, vicious dangerous shit” – where does the truth lie?

I have a huge problem with ASEA.   Not with the product itself I hasten to add. But with its marketing. It has an almost semi-religiosity and cult like status to it that people marketing it impose on it.   There’s all the neat little catechisms that go on ad infinitum – “the greatest medical innovation of the 21st Century – increasing the body’s cellular signalling potential, heal humanity, do good, save the world and oh make yourself a millionaire on the way through.” That’s the American way right!?   ASEA know they cant go anywhere near making any kind of medical or health benefit claims for it. Or they … Read More


ASEA – more then just salty water

A common misconception about ASEA is that it is just simply overhyped expensive salty water. Certainly, it those who shitbag the product would have you believe this. I’ll deal with that in a following post. For now, view this video here on the benefits of ASEA as proven by scientific research After watching this, I’m sure you’ll agree there is more to ASEA than “just overhyped expensive salty water.”  


Asea – local peoples experience

coconut oil benefits

Repair, renew, regain, your health, your body, your life’s energy with Asea An Asea testimonial….of sorts! I’m Ian Haldane, health nut and neighbourhood lunatic now in my 67th year I could give you all the fancy scientific doo dahs about Asea and will if you are interested.  But more importantly, here’s mine and a few other Taranaki Asea stories so far in the last month……………….. Drinking expensive salty Redox water will fix the above – yeah right! Being asked to drink Asea, a really expensive salty water supercharged with Redox molecules*  (say wut!? see here * ) sold via a multi level marketing plan to resolve all manner of … Read More


Asea – the power to transform your life – let me explain 2 ways its does this inside and out

coconut oil benefits

Asea – the power to transform your life – let me explain 2 ways it does this both inside and out: Asea is a health supplement that may help you recover from a huge range of chronic and degenerative health problems. The definition of chronic and degenerative health that I follow is Dr Jerry Tennant’s definition which is: The inability of the body to make healthy new cells As we age from puberty, our ability to make healthy new cells declines significantly.  It may: Support the production of glutathione – the bodies key master anti-oxidant Increase intercellular communication as a key signaling molecule Both activities are fundamental to making healthy new cells. … Read More


Asea – Knocks down my common cold

coconut oil benefits

The common cold eh! So common and yet so seemingly untreatable.  How can we resist these annual infections at the time when the temperatures dive and challenge our immune systems? Studies seem to suggest that the average human can have 2-3 of these per year.    We all know by now the tell tale early symptoms. Primary infection stage of the common cold For me its the ticklish dry cough, the primary infection stage  – not too hacking at this stage and nothing to be alarmed about right? Wrong. That’s the first tell take signs of an impaired immune system. The resident virus is on the lose with an immune system compromised for whatever reason.  It rips up and … Read More

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Coconut oil toothpaste – fluoride and triclosan free

Coconut oil toothpaste can be made in 3 minutes and doesn’t have fluoride or triclosan in it. It’s nearly impossible to buy toothpaste from mainstream supermarket outlets that don’t have added fluoride. And sometimes alternative “no fluoride” toothpastes have equally offensive ingredients like aluminium in them. Triclosan is also another lurking chemical nasty in lots of personal hygiene and cosmetic products You can make this toothpaste quickly and simply as a great budget priced gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, or any other special occasion that shows your thought and care. Ingredients * 3 tbspn Zenian organic coconut oil * 3 tbspn Baking powder * 3-6 drops of essential oil (cloves, … Read More