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Can black cumin seed oil ward off a heart attack?

Can black cumin seed oil ward off a heart attack?

This is about how I used black cumin seed oil recently, to ward off a particularly nasty bout of angina – the pain you get when the heart muscle suffers from lactic acid overload.

Just before it goes “abra abra kadadra, just wanna reach out n grab ya.”  though not in the Steve Miller band loving friendly way.

This incredibly interesting article linked here on what is called the myogenic theory (stress kills you) of heart attacks, sets some of this out.   Push this angina pain sensation too far, then enjoy or not, the thrills and spills of a heart attack.

Stress triggers heart attacks and problems

In direct terms, stress can trigger an angina attack.  This can be physical or physiological (overexertion), environmental (cold day and wind), financial and material (lack of money, debt, food, home, shelter) emotional mental or psychological (lack of a loving relationship, wayward kids, and problematic parents).

No matter what combination of stresses, you can get stuck in what is called full “sympathetic on.”   Or fight or flight mode.  This is a common characteristic of modern contemporary life.  No proper recovery and downtime.  There is a constant interruption for our attention.

OK so I was walking to my warehouse 300 meters away in cold biting southerly wind

When you have had several heart attacks like me, you get more tuned in to what your body is telling you right?!

So walking to my warehouse………..I had the phone open with a call where I was waiting for a response to a simple question I had to a bank……

The bank could not give me a reply to that simple question and put me into a hold queue………

Waiting then walking with the phone for 25 minutes and still no response ……

My heart started giving me some very unfriendly signals…..angina heart pain

There was no glycerol nitrate in my pocket – the puffer stuff that makes your arteries dilate and hopefully makes the heart pain go away……

I reached my warehouse, opened a bottle of new black cumin seed oil and took a small glug.

My angina heart pain went away, pretty much straight away.

The stress was not simply over the bank.  It was part of the broken shoelace syndrome.  Where the breaking of the shoelace is the last piece in a chain of stuff, that triggers a major personal event.

I had not been shy about putting myself under some major crap recently.  So cumulative crap had built up, and then the shoelace breaks.  Or if you are lucky, give you a warning it is about to break.

Fortunately for me in this instance, I was tuned in sufficiently to take evasive action.

And I was lucky enough, that black cumin seed oil did the job.

I was then interested to then find out if there was any research on what I had just discovered by virtue of my incident.

To my delight, I found this research.

Coronary angiogenic effect of long-term administration of Nigella sativa

Angiogenic effect is simply a fancy word for making new blood vessels.

This is incredibly important for the heart especially.  Read here on my Facebook post about how the heart performs its own bypass to generate new blood vessels. These vessels using this angiogenic process to bypass blocked ones.

An Italian pathologist by the name of Giorgi Baroldi (1924 – 2009) , discovered this when he dissected some thousands of hearts from dead people.

Baroldi clearly showed, that despite extensive blockage to the main coronary arteries of the heart, that the heart can still function adequately being supplied through a network of small blood vessels called collaterals.

You can see more photos of this right here.

These collaterals appear like a bird’s nest of vessels going both in front of and around the blockage to the coronary artery.

This can be clearly seen in this short video from Dr Knut Srokas Heart Attack New website  Here you can see a pumping heart with a blocked coronary artery pumping happily away.

There are several important points to note from this:

First, this undercuts the mainstream medicines view that blocked coronary arteries create heart attacks

Second, it is important to understand supplements and foods that assist the generation of new blood vessels to the heart

Black cumin seed oil helps create new blood vessels in the heart

To take the second point.

The rats dosed with black cumin seed oil, showed significantly higher vascular endothelial growth factor (or VEGF), than the control group.  That in plain English terms, means the growth of the blood vessels that burrow around the blockage of arteries to form new connections and supplies of blood to the heart muscle.

Use black cumin seed oil to help grow your heart collaterals today and improve your defense against heart attacks.

I agree!  TIt is not quite that simple.  But it is a good start!

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