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Hi there Ian Haldane here. I’ve been importing and using this beautiful product now for 10 years. Its beauty lies in its power and its vast range of uses. It is a challenging product to use and consume by mouth. But if you care to journey with me, I will show you how.

Black cumin seed oil for these Covid ridden times

Zenian oragnic produced many natural products. All products have unique taste and good quality. Black Cumin Seed is the gift of nature. We can intake by different ways. Its most appropriate method to intake is in form of oil.

Here we enlighten bright  positive impact of its oil on our body with different aspects. You must make a part of your daily diet because this natural product will save from many critical diseases.

Zenian-Organic-Black Cumin Cardio vascular

Black cumin seed oil - a product for our Covid viral times?

Not a Covid cure, that is for sure. But recent studies confirm the use of this oil, as another tool in the arsenal to fight Covid infections. Also, its anti-viral properties for other health conditions that cause havoc and hardship among us.

Zenian-Organic-Black Cumin Cardio vascular

Getting to the heart of the matter........

Before the heart of the matter gets to you. I personally know this one very well. After 3 heart attacks and a triple bi-pass, I've learned not to ignore the signs. Black cumin seed oil is part of my daily routine to stave off future cardiac events. Learn how it can be used to stave off our coming heart attack.

Zenian-Organic-Black Cumin Hair and hair restorations

Hair today - gone tomorrow!

Such is many by a man's lament. Learn how black cumin seed oil may help you keep what hair you have.

Zenian-Organic-Black Cumin Manufacturing, cosmetics, food production (1)

Revive your food or cosmetic making business

Black cumin seed oil is a novel ingredient to produce innovative food and cosmetic products.

Zenian-Organic-Uses of Black Cumin Seed Oil

Starting off on black cumin seed oil - then start here...

This short video is a great primer on all things black cumin

Zenian-Organic-Black Cumin Sexual urogenital

Struggling with your "down there" issues

Struggling to get pregnant, or to produce enough sperm to conceive, or to get over "change of life" issues, or kidney stones, to perform in bed? Whatever your 'down there' issues are, it's likely that black cumin seed oil may help.

Zenian-Organic-Black Cumin Skin glow

Sun affected skin?

Learn how black cumin seed oil may positively impact your irritating skin issue. Or in combination with our new Zenian Skin Repair product, containing hemp, frankincense and black cumin seed oils.

Zenian- Black Cumin-Animal

Fix your animals - chickens, pigs, sheep, horses

There is a range of useful references here using black cumin seed oil with animals. This is a natural antibiotic. And it cured the famous German show horse Baronesse of incurable asthma.

Zenian-Organic-Black cumin Seed Oil for Cancer

Can your cancer benefit from the use of black cumin seed oil?

Cancers of all sorts may be positively affected by the use ofthis oil. This brief video sets out the evidence.

Zenian-Black Cumin Asthma - lung conditions

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Zenian-Organic-Black cumin Seed Oil for Musculoskeletal

Pain pain go away - dont bother coming again another day

Oh so many of us with chronic pain wish for this. Pain, in Dr Tennant's terms, is simply a sign of low body voltage. For more immediate and palliative relief, watch this video and the references that cite the use of black cumin seed oil to relieve chronic pain.

Zenian-Organic-Black Cumin Infections

Anti biotic resistant infections?

Watch this video to see specific references on the use of black cumin seed oil to fight antibiotic resistant infections.