Zenian Organic is evolving.............

Here is my guide on the use of Black Cumin Seed Oil for animal health, dogs, lambs, pigs, horses, chickens. Because no drugs are involved.  So, It is simply a natural living compound with a 4,000 year history of use.

I made reference in my video to the fact of no salmonella in New Zealand chicken flocks.  This now needs to be updated to include the recent discovery of this bug in New Zealand eggs. 


Zenian- Black Cumin-Animal

See also reference link Nigella sativa L. as an alternative antibiotic feed supplement and effect on growth performance in weanling pigs Branko T Petrujkić 1, Ross C Beier 2, Haiqi He 2, Kenneth J Genovese 2, Christina L Swaggerty 2, Michael E Hume 2, Tawni L Crippen 2, Roger B Harvey 2, Robin C Anderson 2, David J Nisbet

Most importantly MPI the New Zealand government food safety regulator issued this advisory for people to cook their eggs before eating. ,

For instance Salmonella is one of the bugs referenced in my video that responds to control with black cumin.

A wide range of other animal health and performance issues also respond well to the recommended oil.
So don’t forget to buy the seed oil for your animals and lovely pets.