Black cumin seed oil is the #1 product to rapidly improve your health.

Black cumin seed is a famous traditional health remedy from the time of Cleopatra and the ancient Romans.

Now black cumin seed and black cumin seed oil are undergoing a huge resurgence of interest.

Covid 19 - one of the triggers of resurgent interest in black cumin seed oil

Covid 19 outbreaks occurring internationally, have triggered this resurgence of interest in traditional remedies.  And also in repurposing old drugs that have been developed for other purposes.

Ivermectin is the most notable and controversial of these.

I've also seen chanca piedra touted in this regard.  This is known at least in South America as the stone crusher for kidney stones.

Black cumin seed oil also has claims to kidney stone minimizing benefits

Black cumin seed oils broad therapeutic effects are set out here on my website

Is thymoquinone one of the silver bullets in this fight against Covid 19?

The main therapeutic component of the black cumin seed oil is thymoquinone.

You can get a detailed explanation of how powerful thymoquinone is from here.

Plus you can see a range of short YouTube videos with detailed references in the discussion box of each one below.

These are categorized by a broad category of health conditions for which you might be concerned.