4 years ago in 2015, I wrote about Billy and Violet and their severe health conditions. You can read their stories here.

Update on Billy and Violet.

In April of this year, Billys partner Lee informed me that Billy had a serious health condition involving his pancreas.  I mean really serious!  It’s a health condition where people usually attend that persons’ funeral a month or two later.  So just consider for a moment to yourself, what that health condition was.

Billys second chance or was it third?

Fast forward to August 2019, I asked Lee how Billy was.  I feared for the worst in asking that question.  As the answer, one can get, is not always welcome.

Much to my surprise, Lee said: “oh he’s out the back mowing the lawns – just bouncing around like the normal old Billy!”

“What did he do?” said I somewhat incredulously.  “Oh he took a bottle of ASEA daily for about 3 months – although he was a bit nauseous sometimes,” said Lee.

Nauseous during that time, but still alive, breathing, mowing his lawns and cracking wise.

Truly amazing.  No not just amazing – incredible!

Violets still going strong too!

In Irene’s living room sat Violet, busy involved in knitting activities, following a knitting pattern.

“Couldn’t have done that a 4 years ago'” said Irene under her breath.

Violet had had early-onset brain issues.  She had difficulty walking, plus crippling arthritic pain.

Previously, she also had difficulty holding a conversation.

But today, she talked freely and lucidly.

“Its all down to ASEA!” said Irene gratefully.