Asea – the power to transform your life – let me explain 2 ways it does this both inside and out:

Asea is a health supplement that may help you recover from a huge range of chronic and degenerative health problems.

The definition of chronic and degenerative health that I follow is Dr Jerry Tennant’s definition which is:

  • The inability of the body to make healthy new cells

As we age from puberty, our ability to make healthy new cells declines significantly.

 It may:

  • Support the production of glutathione – the bodies key master anti-oxidant
  • Increase intercellular communication as a key signaling molecule

Both activities are fundamental to making healthy new cells.

Conversely, Asea may help people out at the other end of the health spectrum – people who are high and top-performing athletes.  It has been shown to significantly increase endurance and strength, being used by both tri-athletes and powerlifters in this regard.

Asea is based on:

  • A  mixture of salt and water
  • This salty water mix going through a patented process to produce literally billions of stable Redox signaling molecules

It is not:

  • Toxic in any way
  • An extract, a vitamin, a herb
  • A drug

It will not:

  • Interfere with any other medication that you are taking
  • Cause any harm by overdose

To capture any long benefit, however, you will need to clean up other aspects of your life. This includes what you are currently putting into your mouth.

And to treat past experiences that may have had a mental or emotional impact on you as a source of toxicity to clean up.

You can read here about the Taranaki Pain Rescue and Wellness Centre that I run here in New Plymouth, to find out more about non-verbal ways of cleaning up this source of toxicity.

My Asea experience – drinking ASEA – the inside story:

To be blunt, when I was first introduced to Asea, I thought it was a leg-pull.  How could something so simple based on salt and water achieve the kind of results and changes that people were talking about?

Then I both saw for myself and experienced for myself some of the power that this product has.

You can go here to read my summary of what happened to just 5 local people.  These were people I knew and observed.  They improved hugely after taking Asea for just a short time.

You can also go here to read about what happened to me recently in cleaning up a minor viral infection – a common cold. This routinely creates havoc and misery for millions of people.

2020 has been a crap year for many people, right?  I slept like a baby right through it – ASEA the inside story

Yep I surely own goaled a few times in this year.  As well as that, I had had a run of bad luck with product failures, a couple of months with no turnover due to Covid.

Normally, this would have stressed me out significantly with the usual 2.00 or 3.oo am mental reviews and the emotional turmoil that goes with these.

To boot, my aging boy bits, my PSA score for my prostate, kept steadily rising.

My mental, physical and commercial circumstances were not flash, to put it mildly.  This usually would be reflected in poor sleep patterns.

Not me this time around.

Of the 350 days so far this year of 2020, I can count just two where I didn’t sleep like a baby.

I put this down to drinking a good 180-240ml of ASEA every night before I go to sleep.  This in conjunction with a structured breathing technique I learned from my good mate Eddie Harrald.

My sleep has been profoundly deep and restorative – life-saving in fact.  Even with a prostate condition, I would be lucky to wake once to pee.  I get 6-7 hours deep sleep every night.  Not just random nights, but every night.

ASEA has been a lifesaver for me!

Sun affected skin, sunspots, keratosis – applying Renu 28 – the outside story:

The curse of being a redhead in New Zealand’s high UV light sun…..  That is me.  A genuine ginga (ginger top)  Summer is hell and getting burnt is part of my annual routine.

Ultimately, the sun pigeons come home to roost.

Small scaly patches of sun affected skin on me, would not go away.  These grew slowly and steadily into larger lumps.

Previously, I would have gone and had minor surgery for these lumps.  This was painful and unpleasant.  Especially the adrenaline shots all around the site of the lump.  Then the stitches that came afterward.

I’d also endured black salve which literally burnt a layer of skin off, blistered it, then waited some days for it to slough off and shed.  It was not a great experience.

Renu 28 Gel was therefore a much-welcomed product that carried the promise of treating these sunspots topically and painlessly.

I’ve applied Renu 28 Gel on my sun affected skin.  There were several spots on the back of my hands.  Plus one just off my shin.

Within 4-5 days of repeated daily application, the sun affected lumps disappeared.  My scaly skin returned to its best normal.

Amazing stuff Renu 28 gel.

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