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An Asea testimonial….of sorts!

I’m Ian Haldane, health nut and neighbourhood lunatic now in my 67th year

I could give you all the fancy scientific doo dahs about Asea and will if you are interested.  But more importantly, here’s mine and a few other Taranaki Asea stories so far in the last month………………..

Drinking expensive salty Redox water will fix the above – yeah right!

Being asked to drink Asea, a really expensive salty water supercharged with Redox molecules*  (say wut!? see here * ) sold via a multi level marketing plan to resolve all manner of chronic and degenerative health problems raised my sceptical eyebrows.  Yours too?

Right yeah absolutely right!  Not Tui “yeah right!” either.  Just absolutely sceptically “yeah right!”

When my good friend Juricz barrelled through my door just before Christmas with a bottle of Asea in hand, she was in evangelising mode about this product.  Nothing new in that I thought.  Juricz has run such past me before.  My 57 year old friend Irene had a similar reaction when Juricz did the same to her.

How could expensive salty water supercharged with Redox molecules fix our entrenched chronic health issues?  In my case, crushing chronic fatigue, stomach reflux and burning, brain fog, unexplained weight gain and high blood pressure.  Often, I had to crash out at 10 and 11 in the morning simply to recover enough energy to keep going.  I had throttled back my work regime to minimal.  And I was into a supposedly healthy regime diet wise, restricted sugar and carbs, lots of good quality fat, spinach and carrot raw juicing, regular exercise including yoga, lots of hydration. Yet I looked and felt like trash.

In Irene’s case somewhat similarly, only she had intractable chronic pain around her midline 24/7, severe fatigue and bloating around the face and midline, severe sleeplessness, and huge sweats.

Independently, we each bought a bottle of Asea more to get Juricz off our case than out of our own belief or understanding.

Irene’s case – what happened

Almost overnight Irene’s intractable pain disappeared.  She did have a detox reaction and passed out unmentionables in her bowel motions.  But her reflux and burning simply dissipated and her bloating went down.  She slept soundly.  Whereas before she could do a minor bit of gardening before going inside and crashing out.  Now she was out in her garden for four hours at a time.

Irene’s had an evangelical reaction.  “I can’t believe it!”  “I can’t believe it!”  “I can’t believe it!”

More profoundly though was what happened to Irene’s 79 year old Mum Violet when she took Asea.

Violets story with Asea

Violet is Irene’s 70 year old mother who lives in Stratford, a small rural Taranaki town.

Violet is not one for fancy pants stuff in terms of alternative medicine and healing.  This was despite the fact that she had an extreme chronic health condition.  Violet couldn’t walk unaided without a stick.  She could not wear regular shoes because her feet were all scrunched up from arthritic pain.  When she did manage to walk, it was at a very slow unsteady gait.  Her hair was falling out and her skin was all blotchy particularly around her face.

Violets story – what happened

Irene thought Violet could be persuaded to take Asea.

Violet did so in grand style.

Whereas the recommended dose of Asea is 120ml per day, Violet consumed a whole bottle of Asea in one day.  960ml in fact.   Violet had an extreme three day detox reaction vomiting and making good friends with the toilet.  Violet passed bowel motions of whitish and grey nature that Irene believed were cancers and candida.  She vomited technicolour stuff of a similar nature.

Violet was laid out in bed for three days and subsisted only on water.

At the finish of this, Violet bounced back.  She can now wear her shoes, her hair has fluffed out.  Her skin has cleared up.  Most importantly, she can walk unaided without her stick.  She is now walking down the street keeping up with Irene.  I too have seen Violet, a bright clear 79 year old.

My case – what happened

On the first bottle nothing much happened actually.  No major effects up or down either way.  That it turned out was due more to my lack of knowledge about the dosing regime.

Then I was due to go to Lake Karapiro and compete in Waka Ama National Sprint Champs with a bunch of mates.  If I ever needed something to get me through this demanding event without chronic fatigue chopping me off at the knees, now was the time for Asea.  Asea is reputed to increase endurance and improve stamina.

I picked up two bottles from Lee in Hamilton just before the event.  There I met Lee’s 79 year old husband Billy.  Billy’s Asea story astounded me.  More on Billy’s story soon….

I came through Waka Ama Sprints without crashing – a major achievement.

I’ve now consumed around 3 bottles of Asea since late January and increased my dose rate.  I’ve experienced detox reactions, sweating, lethargy and extreme fatigue on the down days and huge increases in mental clarity and energy on the up days on the plus side.

I can see signs that my former energetic and focused life is returning to me at age 67 even at an early stage in – 15-20 days – into the recovery cycle.

It is said that you need to take Asea for a month minimum and for three months for preference to reap the full benefits.

Billy’s story with Asea

In Hamilton I first met Lee, Billys wife.  Lee told me about how Billy an active energetic man had had an accident at home.  He fell and broke his back in two places.

On admission to Waikato Hospital, staff found that there was more wrong with Billy than a broken back.

The arteries in Billy’s legs were severely blocked.  So severely in fact, that the hospital surgeon recommended that Billy have his legs amputated.  This was despite Billy doing everything healthy he thought he could previously in terms of diet exercise and supplements. Billy had had ulcerating sores on his feet from his restricted circulation.

Billy and Lee were utterly dismayed at this news of the proposed amputation and went looking on the Internet for other solutions.

Here they found Asea.  Billy consumes Asea daily and has done so since July 2015.

Billy recovered from being a basket case, to a bright energetic man whom I saw with my own eyes as picked up my two bottles of Asea for Waka Ama Sprint Nationals

Phyllis’s story

Phyllis came to my house to apply for a telemarketing job I had offered.

When I answered the door, there was a woman who had difficulty getting her shoes off to come inside.  Then she walked asymmetrically (wonky) down my hallway.

When she went to sit on the dining room chair, she sidled up to it and more or less threw herself in the direction of it.

Phyllis also had severe brain fog and struggled to stay on track throughout the interview.  She admitted to having had severe candida and was on a liquorice all sorts of health supplements – all having not much effect.

Needless to say I passed on employing her.  However, by chance she met up with Irene through me and a common connection.  And in turn she met Juricz and started taking Asea.

Phyllis too has become an Asea evangelist.  As has her husband who had debilitating pain from arthritis.

Roses’ story

Rose is a kuia at a local Waitara marae and has increasingly struggled with a number of chronic health conditions in the last few years.

She has had increasingly difficulty with walking through pain in her knees and legs.  She has required a stick to walk.

She also has suffered increasingly from memory loss and has found it difficult to keep track of a thread of conversation.  In fact, she loses track mid sentence and wanders off mentally.

These are common side effects of the statin drugs that her GP prescribes.

Similarly, Juricz introduced Rose to Asea.

Roses’ story – what happened with Asea

Rose almost immediately regained her mental acuity and lucidity after taking Asea.  She turned up at Knox church in Waitara and gave a hugely articulate account of her slow mental and physical decline to a small public group. She did this unaided by any prompts and notes of any sort.  (as did also Irene and Phyllis)

She walked unaided without her stick.  She did however later on have a detox reaction passing and vomiting black material.  Her friends became scared and admitted her to hospital.  When I visited her a few days ago, she was mentally vigorous and had attempted to discharge herself the day previously – the hospital having no idea about what she was up to.  She did finally discharge herself yesterday.

At age 82, she is busily plotting the development of her Asea business to the network of elderly in Waitara and throughout New Zealand.

I am privileged to be able to help her do that.

Summary so far

We’ve been into Asea for a really short time.  Yet we see significant results for ourselves in that time we’ve been taking it.  It has improved our health status from chronic stuff that has dogged us all for many years.

Minimum time for effect has it at 30 days.  Maximum time for desired effect is 90 days.

Yes we have had detox reactions.  But the rebound effect gives us all a glimpse of how we can all gain our former lives in terms of energy, mental clarity and freedom from what’s previously frustrated and held us back.

I’m really looking forward to writing up the next chapter for our group as we once again strive to lead healthy productive working and family lives.

Ian Haldane

February 21-2016