I have a huge problem with ASEA.
Not with the product itself I hasten to add. But with its marketing. It has an almost semi-religiosity and cult like status to it that people marketing it impose on it.
There’s all the neat little catechisms that go on ad infinitum – “the greatest medical innovation of the 21st Century – increasing the body’s cellular signalling potential, heal humanity, do good, save the world and oh make yourself a millionaire on the way through.” That’s the American way right!?
ASEA know they cant go anywhere near making any kind of medical or health benefit claims for it. Or they will get their sorry asses well and truly nailed to the floor.
ASEA therefore has to be seen in much broader context of what has happened in the US to alternative and complementary medicines over the last 120 years
The US has had a long history since the beginning the 20th Century stemming from the Flexner report of condemning alternative and complementary medicine.
Carnegie and Rockefeller with their extensive interests in pharmaceutical companies, commissioned  Flexner a then employee of the Carnegie Institute to do a report on medical education in the early 1900’s.
Following this report, people who practiced or promoted alternative or complementary medicine in the US were either imprisoned, or hounded out of the country or into bankruptcy. This occurred once Congress, the lawmaking machinery of the state and and the medical education system was systematically captured by these two rogues.
Take the brilliant Wilhelm Reich – refugee form Hitlers Germany – innovator over a huge range of scientific and medical fields including cancer treatment.
Reich was imprisoned by the FDA on trumped up charges and died in prison in the 1950’s. His books were burned and his devices systematically rounded up and destroyed. The witches of Salem had a better outcome than he did.
He was not alone.
This kind of relentless history of persecution in the US of alternative and complementary medical practitioners, their concepts products and ideas will not have been lost on the good folk of ASEA.
Herein lies the bind.
They have a great product. But they cannot market it by conventional means through conventional channels. Or it will undercut the very foundations of pharmaceutically based medicine that were laid down by the likes of Flexner in the early 1900’s.  And hence they will follow Reich – and many others – into prison and oblivion both personally and commercially.
ASEA have addressed this bind in my view, by making it a multi level marketing product. For its commercial success, it requires raising the fervor and passion of the acolytes. And bestowing it with cult like status. And sure if you’ve seen the health transformations personally in people whom I’ve seen taking it, it’s hard to avoid the “hallelujah brother and sister moment!”
This then makes it a target for this kind of vicious snide snarky dangerous shit seen here on this website
Presumably in order to offer such strident opinions and in making the snake oil call, the authors must have taken it themselves and found it wanting? No? They offer no
evidence of having done that.
Then alternatively, they must have observed people with serious health issues taking it and found it wanting? No? No evidence of that either.
Then alternatively they must have ready the scientific research available on redox signalling and found it wanting? No? Nope – no evidence again
There’s not the slightest shred of evidence that they engaged in any of these. Which is what any reasonable person might do when faced with a relatively new and novel product such as ASEA.
And therein lies my bind. I don’t accept the doe eyed religiosity that comes from ASEA acolytes. Nor do i necessarily want to engage in systematic trashing of friendships and relationships that come with involvement in multilevel marketing schemes such as ASEA.
On the other hand, I do have a view of the political economy that drives mainstream medicine and some of its strident attack dogs such as the above article writer.
The path with ASEA I’ve chosen is this.
I believe what I see happening with my own eyes.
In this instance, the radical transformation and improvement in health status of people around me from people who took ASEA. These were older people who should have been by all accounts brown bread – dead – all of whom are still alive and sparking along.
I also believe and trust my own experience with ASEA.
In my case, it was and is serious heart disease which led to a heart attack in 2016 and triple bi-pass operation. Then a further heart attack after that in 2017.
Which just goes to show two things.
First that a re plumb job for the heart doesn’t remedy the underlying issues of habit, emotional and mental patterns.
Second that what you have in your head and what you put into your head is as important or even more important than what you put into your body.
So I’ve worked hard on both in what we’d would say in the 70’s to “sort my shit out.” That’s an ongoing process!
The only bit of religiosity I have about ASEA is to recently take 120ml of this every night before I go to sleep.
In the last 4 weeks this is what I’ve noticed.
Previously I used to get exertional angina. Even walking for a short distance along a flat hard surface would induce heaviness in my chest.
I was also fatigued with low energy and generally an overall sore body.
I’ve been able in this recent time to complete an 8km paddle in a short distance race with 5 others paddlers and 50 other teams in challenging conditions at Whaingaroa (Raglan) Harbour. We came half way in this field with a scratch crew with several novice paddlers – a pretty credible result.
I’ve been able to complete an 11km paddle in great conditions at Ngamotu (New Plymouth).  All of this without restriction or heaviness in my chest.
I still have a lot of distance to cover in a health sense with volatile blood pressure and not being in the weight zone I’d be more comfortable with.
But hey, two heart attacks and a major operation later, I’m still waking up breathing and  hugely improved on where I was at the time these occurred.
ASEA is an essential part of that recovery for me
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