A great nights sleep was scarce for many in 2020 – not for me

In a previous post, I said I had had 350 great night’s sleep in 2020.

It was actually 363 as of December 31st 2020.  Not just a good night’s sleep.  But a great night’s sleep.  They were profoundly deep and restorative.

And let us face it, 2020 was a crap year for many of us all.  Me included.  Anything that could go wrong, went wrong.  My major assumptions about how I was going to live life in my older years, evaporated in front of my very eyes.

I found it a majorly destabilizing experience.

Normally, this kind of scenario would have had me sitting bolt upright in bed at 2.00 0r 3.00 am in the morning with major anxiety symptoms.

As a previous heart patient in 2016, poor sleep is a major warning sign.

But in 2020, with all the major crap going on around us and me, I coasted easily through it.

I had no “bolt upright,” waking experiences at 2.00 am or 3.00 am at all over the course of 2020.

How ASEA may have helped me a great night’s sleep

It seems that I’m not the only one noticing that they getting a great night’s sleep, once they start to use ASEA regularly.

The Facebook Group ASEA Healthy Self is a user based group of 150,000 odd people here people with all manner of conditions, write about what they notice since they started using ASEA.

Because ASEA is not a drug or a pharmaceutical, no medical or therapeutic claims can be made that link ASEA to a specific ailment or medical condition.

People, however, can provide comments on what their experience has been with their health and wellness.

How then might a redox signaling supplement work to provide such an experience?

Dr David Silverman provides some insight into this in this video here.

According to the study cited here, ASEA may be impacting the following signaling pathways in my body:

  • Immune system
  • Vascular health
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Hormone modulation
  • Inflammation

I have got to say, that I’m not too concerned with the details of just how it works.  I just know from my personal experience that it does.

What else will a good night’s sleep affect?

As above, good sleep is regarded as foundational to the immune system.

As a male with previous heart and ongoing prostate issues, I am hugely aware of what a good night’s sleep will do for both these areas of my body.

Both respond negatively to stress overload.

There are a couple of markers use daily to check both.

Using HRV or heart rate variability as a daily marker for cardiovascular health 

I record my HRV score daily to see what kind of day I can throw myself into.  Will it be active and energetic?  Or slow and considered?  My HRV score tells me within 3 minutes, what kind of day I should be taking on.

This is a whole new area of endeavor for me.  It takes me way beyond just recording basic measures such as blood pressure to check for hypertension.

I will expand on this in much more depth in subsequent posts.  For now, you should go to www.elitehrv.com for a basic introduction to the technology and free software that is available.

I know compared to before taking ASEA, that I don’t get irregular and frightening heartbeats that waken me up out of sleep any longer.

Urinary patterns tell their own story – inhibit or allow great sleep

Currently, I am blessed to get up no more than once per night for this as an older man.  Many men I know, get up 3-4 times per night.  Thus they have broken and poor sleep patterns.

No wonder they look and sound something like the grumpy old men out of the Muppets.

This is course governed by your hydration patterns in the hours before bed.  Too little water and there is the dreaded dry mouth and no saliva.

Plus an elevated risk of stroke from having the blood too thick.

Too much water and there is the obvious call to urinate often.

I find that ASEA puts me into a profoundly deep state of sleep.  Maybe in this, it is also prompting the secretion of the vasopressin hormone that reduces the action of the kidneys at night time.

My understanding is that vasopressin secretion declines normally with age.   Thus sparking more early morning trips to the toilet.

You can read the nerdy version of this here.

Or you can just accept my country boy and layperson understanding of what is going on.

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