Ian Haldane

Ian Haldane

I am Ian Haldane and I own and operate Zenian Organic which imports, distributes virgin coconut oil, coconut products and other organic goods.

The company was born as a result of the constant badgering I received from my personal trainer, Warena Nikora about the benefits of coconut oil.

At this time in 2006, a low fat diet was still considered the bible of health in New Zealand. Promoting the benefits of eating good quantities of saturated fat and coconut oil was regarded with the same enthusiasm as a born again jihadist preaching the gospel of Islam in a Christian Cathedral.

Warena came to the rescue and provided the science to support this new heresy. The writings of Weston A Price, and the more recent research of people such as Malcolm McKendrick of Cholesterol Sceptics renown, Anthony Colpos “The Great Cholesterol Con,” Mary Enigs “Know Your Fats and Oils” and Eat Fat Lose Fat were on my reading list.

Then it was mission on!  It was a major epiphany for me to finally understand how literally millions of people had had the wool pulled over their eyes about saturated fats, low fat diets and just how dangerous and manipulating the proponents of these diets were.

The drug industry saw an opportunity and wasted no time in getting the medical profession enrolled. The food industry – in particular edible oils lobby didn’t want to be left out of this and jumped on the bandwagon.

In order to support their new found dogma it was necessary to create fraudulent research to protect  multi billion dollar per year sales.  This has seen legitimate independent science sequestered or ridiculed and the majority of mainstream medical practitioners, become poster boys and girls for peddling statin drugs.  An interesting recantation by one such poster boy and statin drug peddler is a world recognised cardiologist Stephen Sinatra. You can read his story here.

So if after reading any of the above authors you have not been convinced about the dangers of low fat diets, then I would urge you to consider what human history and experience tells us.  The 1000 year experience of healthy world populations in the Pacific and Asia has showed little cardio vascular and neuro degenerative problems where these populations have consumed traditional diets with good levels of saturated fat – including coconut oil.  Yet this successful 1000 year history has been completely discounted in the literal blink of an eye from the early 1980’s with rise of the low fat food and statin drug industries.

Fortunately things have changed rapidly here in New Zealand since I opened the business in 2006.  I went on in the Zenian Organic business to discover and source high quality coconut oils that set the benchmark both then and now for high quality coconut oils and products.

As an example of this change, major New Zealand sports teams now routinely consume coconut oil before events to provide sustained energy better performance.  I now have a client base of raving fans amongst older people using coconut oil to maintain their mental vigor and younger folk with families use it to provide essential food to overcome allergies, food intolerance’s.

What a great transition it has been!