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I am Ian Haldane.  I own and operate Zenian Organic.

Zenian Organic:

I founded Zenian Organic back in 2006 as a result of the constant badgering I received from my personal trainer, Warena Nikora about the benefits of coconut oil.

At this time in 2006, a low fat diet was still considered the bible of health in New Zealand. Promoting the benefits of eating good quantities of saturated fat and coconut oil was regarded with the same enthusiasm as a born again jihadist preaching the gospel of Islam in a Christian Cathedral.

Hibiscus tea Burkina Faso

Warena came to the rescue and provided the science to support this new heresy. The writings of Weston A Price, and the more recent research of people such as Malcolm McKendrick of Cholesterol Sceptics renown, Anthony Colpos “The Great Cholesterol Con,” Mary Enigs “Know Your Fats and Oils and Eat Fat Lose Fat were on my reading list.

About the event

A seismic shift occurs in
New Zealand diets

I could not credit that within this 15 year period, that coconut oil and saturated fat would become mainstream.
Here are a few examples of that mainstream shift.
The Keto NZ FB group has 90,000 followers.  Keto diets have a higher consumption of fat as a key part of their dictum.
The All Black also started purchasing my coconut oil back in 2013. Both those things told me a seismic shift had occurred in the dietary consciousness of many New Zealanders All of this despite the drug and food industry spending literally millions of dollars in order to support their dogma on low-fat diets. This was backed up by fraudulent research to protect their multi-billion dollar per year drug and food sales.
This has seen legitimate independent science sequestered, or ridiculed and the majority of mainstream medical practitioners, become poster boys and girls for peddling statin drugs.  An interesting recantation by one such poster boy and statin drug peddler is a world-recognized cardiologist Stephen Sinatra.  You can read his story here. There continue to be holdouts and reactionaries in universities such as Otago.  This will fade over time as the proponents of the low-fat regimes, retire or die off. Fortunately, in an academic sense, these voices get counterbalanced by more sane and scientifically driven voices in Auckland University.
Zenian-injury has almost disappeared

My transition into energetic medicine
with the Tennant Institute and Tennant Biomodulator

In 2011 and 2012, I wrestled with chronic health issues of chronic fatigue and high blood pressure.

This prompted my deep-end dive into buying a Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer.  Then travelling to America on two occasions in 2012 and 2013.  Here I trained under Dr Jerry Tennant in Dallas Texas.

Folk at the Tennant institute asked me to be the Tennant educator in New Zealand.  Then subsequently the official distributor for the Tennant Biomodulator and range of devices.