Coconut oil toothpaste can be made in 3 minutes and doesn’t have fluoride or triclosan in it.

It’s nearly impossible to buy toothpaste from mainstream supermarket outlets that don’t have added fluoride. And sometimes alternative “no fluoride” toothpastes have equally offensive ingredients like aluminium in them.

Triclosan is also another lurking chemical nasty in lots of personal hygiene and cosmetic products

You can make this toothpaste quickly and simply as a great budget priced gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, or any other special occasion that shows your thought and care.


* 3 tbspn Zenian organic coconut oil
* 3 tbspn Baking powder
* 3-6 drops of essential oil (cloves, cinnamon, grapefruit, lemon or to your taste)

You can leave out the essential oil and the effect is just as good. Clove oil is a great anti-septic and anti-fungal esp for those with Candida conditions.

The baking soda is a great tooth whitener too.

Mix together in small bowl. I just use a desert spoon for this.

If the oil is really hard as in the middle of winter, then gently warm on the stove

Then store in small glass jar.

Voila – so easy and so good to use.

Done in 3 minutes!