Moringa – eating the leaves is a good bet…..!

moringa leaves

Wow moringa tea made from moringa powder – that was a bit challenging. I’ve still got the green bits stuck in my teeth!  I’m gradually winding my way into this food. It has such huge raps from all over the place for its dietary and therapeutic values. Just take a look at what this usually conservative web site here has to say about moringa. Eating the root may not be too great for you though – paralysis and death. Think I’ll stick to the leaves. Already I am starting to think about what things in the coconut world to combine it with.


Moringa and ground chia seed crackers

Coconut nectar

Food experimentation day today to make small crackers with ground chia seed and moringa, aided and abetted of course with coconut milk and some small helping of Zenian coconut nectar Moringa is another miracle tree like the coconut – so called because of all the dietary and therapeutic benefits that come from consuming it. It’s particularly high in A,B and C group vitamins. As importantly if not more so, is that it is really high in minerals. It has for example three times the potassium of bananas – I know the graphic says fifteen times but I am being really conservative, basing this on other writings. Its also incredibly high … Read More


Salmon with fermented black garlic sauce and crisp vegie salad

Sauces coconut aminos, fermented black garlic

This recipe combines fermented back garlic pouring sauce for fresh fried salmon and a crispy vegie salad with a dressing made from coconut aminos sauce. I really go for combinations of vegies in salads that have contrasting qualities.  I like the crunch/softness (avocado and green and red pepper), sweetness/sourness (coconut aminos sauce and lemon juice), salty/bitter or slighty bitter (again coconut aminos sauce and blue cheese as the salty and fresh herbs with fennel as the slightly bitter).  I also like contrasting colour variations in terms of greens/reds/yellows. All of these give a visual and a sensory lift to any meal. With that in mind, I have been exploring dishes that I can use fermented … Read More



This alt KFC recipe using coconut oil to deep fry chicken pieces is so easy you’ll, kick yourself.  And then there is the added advantage of not using dodgy liquidy type polyunsaturated vegetable oils in your cooking. Wiki lists the oils used to fry chicken in KFC as canola, sunflower, soy or palm and that KFC had changed over from using partially hydrogenated vegetable oils – the ones of trans ill repute.  Just briefly then to add the “using the healthy fat plug” and not liquidy vegetable oils. such as canola and sunflower. Sally Fallon and Mary Enig from the Weston A Price Foundation beautifully unpick the history and dangers of using canola oil in their 2002 article The great Con … Read More